Junglepussy – JP3 

Thursday 19th, July 2018 / 22:02
By Trent Warner


Junglepussy is equal parts intellectual, spiritual, sexual and goofy. She’s moving parts raised on Lady Patra, Erykah Badu, Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliott. Throughout JP3, she actively represents and advocates for the multiplicity and magic of black women in each song by asserting herself — wants and needs first — and casting aside any man that can’t measure up. Featuring Gangsta Boo on the record that further informs her influences, their standout track, “Long Way Home,” perfectly blends Junglepussy’s fierce and finessing humor with Gangsta Boo’s no-bullshit hardcore ways. Other contemporary guest artists include Rico Love, Wiki and QUIÑ that complement Junglepussy’s brash sound but also round it out to be more radio-friendly. But make no mistake, Junglepussy is always the star on JP3. Her verses go double time on “Ready 2 Ride” with each wavy pop hook, and her endless freedom and swagger throughout the album show she’s having fun along the way. It’s enjoyable to watch her shine, just avoid being on the receiving end of one of her rhyme-roasts.

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