Busdriver – electricity is on our side 

Friday 20th, July 2018 / 23:21
By Tory Rosso

Temporary Forever 

Regan Farquhar, who performs under the appellation Busdriver, is a rapper and producer from Los Angeles known for bullet-quick rhymes and an experimental nature. His latest release, electricity is on our side, showcases some of his most avant-garde work to date, rooted in jazz and cosmic proweness. Consisting of 23 tracks for an astounding 82 minutes, the record is an eclectic backdrop of resonance and jingle. Those who have taken note of Busdriver’s previous releases (this being studio album number 10) will be familiar with his goofy, yet intellectual brand of West Coast hip-hop. However, what really sets electricity on our side apart is Farquhar’s distinct, affected crooning style. This is most evident on the title track as well as the album’s single, “Right before the Miracle,” where he seamlessly delivers his staggered brand of swing with atonal runs over be-bop rhythms and saxophone solos. An absolutely creative effort with a gusto for diminishing the boundaries between genres, electricity is on our side is best served with an open mind.

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