CAVURN – Rehearsal 

Friday 20th, July 2018 / 22:18
By Amanda King

Blood Harvest Records 

On Rehearsal, their first widely public album release, CAVURN invoke images of their namesake through three tracks of foreboding, gritty death metal. Hailing from Bellingham, Washington, the band entwines murky, demonic vocals with a perfect highlight of throaty-thrasher screams, inciting nothing but pure dread that traverses through a melancholic core of bass and vocals, otherworldly transitions and full-throttle riffs orchestrated executed with perfect timing. Unlike many metal bands, CAVURN give life to a feculent sound without seeming forced or ostentatious. Rehearsal’s atmospheric tensions slither through the psyche, awakening shadows of the mind. At just over 20 minutes, the drama is over all too soon. Nevertheless, it’s a suitable addition to a brash party playlist or reading your favourite macabre titles by candlelight. Rehearsal is an exciting release for anyone who prefers their metal rooted in guttural earthiness over high-range radicalization.



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