Emily Donohue – Melancholia 

Friday 20th, July 2018 / 21:15
By Emilie Charette

Refresh Records 

At first listen, Melancholia may be a somewhat misleading name for an album full of lush, electro-flavoured indie ballads. On her third album, Seattle-based singer-songwriter Emily Donohue dishes out relatable lyrics on love and losing it over a background of mellow, atmospheric guitar and energetic drum beats. Although the lyrics are a little more subdued on some tracks, the overall tone brings the word ‘hopeful’ to mind. The title track is certainly more introspective and gloomy, with Donohue asking herself if it’s too late to change and be who she wants to be. Other tracks deal with feelings of rootlessness and being set adrift — things everyone has dealt with at some point in their lives. Donohue’s voice is throaty but smooth, reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, and she uses it to excellent effect. Her emotions come through on every track of Melancholia without sacrificing technical skill.

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