Flashback – Persistence 

Friday 20th, July 2018 / 20:00
By Christine Leonard


Landing just in time for a season of summer road-trippin’, this sweet but sweltering new slab marks the third self-released album from Calgary’s Flashback. A fitting encore to their 2016 EP, Your Demise, and the eponymous nine-track LP which followed, Persistence benefits mightily from the presence of drummer Lucas MacLeod, added to the line-up in January of 2017. He seems to have ‘gelled’ nicely, matching his bandmates — lead guitarist/vocalist Aidan Desmarais and bassist Gabriel Lagasca — in their passion for churning out chunky, desert-rock bangers. Filled with grand metallic gestures and lubricated with intoxicating Southern sway, this release does an admirable job of showcasing Flashback’s growth as both musicians and composers. From the boozy breakdowns of “Dying Heart,” to the ponderous undertow of “Detox,” and the high drama of “Elixir” with its anthemic towers, Persistence touches down like a heatwave tornado and the only warning is, “Watch what we do next!”

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