War Baby: Rock ‘n’ load 

Friday 20th, July 2018 / 10:18
By Matty Hume 


Lose the guns. Keep the control.
Photo by Megan Magdalena

CALGARY – The only thing Vancouver-based noise punkers War Baby wants is for you to have a good time, but they’d never throw an armed tantrum if you don’t. Oh, no. When it comes to live shows, guitarist and vocalist Jon Redditt thinks the room needs to go with the flow.

“Havin’ so much fun — that’s exactly what it is. It’s fun,” Redditt says about bringing their febrile rattle to a crowd. “It’s energy and it’s generally good, but in a way it’s not good or bad. It’s just whatever you’re feeling at the moment.”

The enigmatic Redditt is joined by longtime collaborator Brock Allen on bass/vocals and the Australian back-up vocalist/cymbal-styler Kirby Fisher on drums. Not ones to take a time out, the trio has a new full-length album slated for a September release hot on the heels of a killer three-track EP, Coma Kid, which the band self-released in 2017.

“We have a full record totally recorded and almost completely mixed, we’re just waiting on a few tweaks, you know, and like mastering and whatever,” reports an enthusiastic Redditt. “We don’t really have a specific date set, because the nature of getting vinyl made — you want that in your hands.”

Youngbloods with old souls, War Baby possesses an overall nonchalance that’s reflected in their take-it-as-it-comes attitude and ripped-jean sonics. While these enfant terribles shy away from being tagged with genre-labels, Redditt admits they do like to let the feedback speak for itself.

“We’re eclectic in our own tastes, but usually noise rock and grunge and to some extent power-pop comes up, and those are all things we’re super into so that’s fine. I think I usually just go with noise rock or noise pop. Just because on one hand, there’s nobody that really cringes at that word, whereas when you say there’s a ‘grunge’ influence some people don’t register with that, you know?”

Call them what you will, War Baby is wide awake and ready to take on the world with a bevy of kick ass tracks that are unabashedly grunge to the core! So, strap on your army boots and keep the flannel at the ready, because as long as War Baby is crawling through the scene, grunge is here to stay.  


War Baby performs July 27 at The Palomino (Calgary) with The Allovers, Tee-Tahs and Feel Alright 

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