Snail Mail – Lush 

Saturday 21st, July 2018 / 01:05
By Jason Herring

Matador Records 

It’s startling to think the collection of songs contained within Lush, the debut album by Maryland’s Lindsay Jordan, were envisioned and executed by an artist still comfortably in her teenage years. Jordan, the now-19-year-old frontwoman of the indie-rock outfit Snail Mail, approaches her own compositions with a candid curiosity through her straightforward musings atop jangly, punk power-chords, exuding a sense of confidence rare even in veteran indie rockers. The vocal melodies always feel effortless, but never more so than on “Pristine,” which kicks the album off proper following a short intro. Though concerning itself with a pesky ex-lover, the song transcends any residual angst as it barrels towards its self-revelatory conclusion. “I could be anything,” Jordan belts, her voice dead-set with determination but not quivering an inch. Yes, Jordan could certainly be anything, but she’s already spectacular, and Lush is pretty damn convincing proof of that.

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