Sophie – Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides 

Saturday 21st, July 2018 / 23:02
By Trent Warner

Transgressive / Future Classic 

It’s difficult to create music that feels futuristic or otherworldly without seeming like a gimmick. On Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, Sophie has honed her signature sound into something beyond that expectation. Different apparitions permeate through the album. Varying voices make themselves known to represent different moods, atmospheres and emotions for Sophie. She sings in her own voice on “It’s Okay to Cry,” an emotional ballad and opportunity for her conscience to assure itself of the strength that comes with vulnerability. It’s a strong lead-in to the album’s themes, where Sophie expresses wonder and amazement at our ever-shifting world. Sophie’s body of work is surreal and rooted in artificiality, but there’s still something natural and spiritual about it. Towards the second half of the nine-track album, the sound changes from Sophie’s more usual harsh electronics towards an ambience of sorts. This is an album that’s plastic-coated and unreal in feeling. Sophie has created a magnum opus and map of who she is.

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