Tierra Whack – Whack World 

Saturday 21st, July 2018 / 20:49
By Trent Warner


Tierra Whack is a fresh beacon for contemporary hip-hop. She feels as adept overtop of an 8-bit beat as she might in a rap cypher. And on her debut audiovisual album, which lasts a mere 15 minutes comprised of 15 one-minute songs, she glides effortlessly between gorgeous harmonies and flows that rival the most celebrated rappers. She packs more switch-ups, hooks and punches into a single minute than many modern MCs fit into an entire mixtape. Sadly, each song is over too soon, yet she quickly switches onto the next beat and hook before there’s any disappointment. Such control and taunting made her 2017 single, “Mumbo Jumbo,” infectious. On Whack World, she takes the same experimentation further, skillfully using her insinuating sound to land where lyrics might fail. Her quick-witted one-liners and vivid imagination harken to an uncharted future for rap. And that’s just the audio version. Go watch the visual accompaniment on YouTube for a more intensive look into Tierra’s Whack World.

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