Monolith AB – Sanctuary 

Sunday 22nd, July 2018 / 01:06
By Matty Hume


Hold on to your patches — Monolith AB’s long awaited full-length debut is a sludge-spewing goliath sent to melt every bone in our realm. After what feels like a wait for the perfect moon, Sanctuary is well worth its vacation in purgatory. “Ritual” sets the tone for the too-short 40 minutes to come, opening with a gothic hum that builds into swift guitar. Drums and bass join with haunting spiritual cries that increase in pace towards the impending result of the ritual itself. One plasma-curling howl releases the beast of a riff that was scratching underneath the chanters’ pentagram. And just like that, a holy hell of cohesive blackened doom is unleashed unto Calgary and beyond. The wall of relentless fury finds few moments of peace, such as in the aptly titled single “Gloom,” which features a slow repeating riff over a low buzz as a clear sign that you should enjoy rest while it lasts. Sanctuary is a rare triumph, a spectacle of sludge where one lick could loop endlessly, and you’d be too lost in a plodding headbang to notice.

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