Powerglove – Continue? 

Sunday 22nd, July 2018 / 23:01
By Trevor Morelli

Entertainment One Music 

Celebrating pop culture and all things nerdy is what “Nintendocore” band Powerglove is all about. On Continue?, the Boston power metal outfit offer up another collection of mostly video game covers, executing each one with ease and precision. Energetic guitar squeals, speedy bass lines and pulse pounding drums make Continue? an accurate effort from start to finish. Highlights include “Under the Sea” — yes, that one — featuring Marc Hudson from DragonForce on vocals, “Guile’s Theme” (Street Fighter), and “Kraid’s Lair” (Metroid). Despite the band members’ obvious technical talent (or because of it), Powerglove’s paint-by-numbers approach on Continue? feels a bit mechanical at times. Guitar tones blend together with repeated listens and it all starts to feel monotonous after a while. Continue? probably won’t do much to convert new listeners, but Powerglove’s core audience will be happy they’ve delivered another record of animated blips and bleeps worthy of their all-night gaming sessions.


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