Powerwolf – The Sacrament Of Sin 

Sunday 22nd, July 2018 / 22:58
By Matty Hume

Napalm Records 

Powerwolf is one of Germany’s most successful power metal bands for good reason. Since 2003, the corpse-makeup titans of soaring solos drenched in medieval lore have forged orchestral sagas out of blood and steel. The Sacrament Of Sin is a modern power metal classic, suited to rest between a Warcraft box set and your copy of the Silmarillion until it’s needed to bring out your inner wolf-slayer. Opener “Fire and Forgive” is textbook stadium metal, coming forth with an orchestral intro tailored for a blockbuster fantasy adventure. It continues into classic dueling guitars and a grand choir chorus fit for the finest warriors. While it’s often formulaic, using those features together with stereotypical organ from Dracula’s basement, epic bridges and rising crescendos into key-changed choruses never feels played. It’s inarguable that every one of those choruses could easily be the battle cry of 20,000 metalheads. The Sacrament Of Sin is an army of ironclad, battle-hardened bards, chanting you onto your next victory.

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