Smoulder – The Sword Woman 

Sunday 22nd, July 2018 / 20:37
By Matty Hume


The debut EP from Toronto-based epic doom outfit Smoulder is a weapon of mighty force, and The Sword Woman pulled it from a stone of ancient myth. The three-track cassette embarks with the title track, “The Sword Woman,” bringing forth tandem guitars that mark the slow rise of the heroic barbarian — mighty from her sword to her scowl. Overtop thunderous instrumentation, the chorus-drenched vocals of Sarah Kitteringham harken to the most glorious days of epic-metal past. “Voyage of the Sun Chaser” opens to an atmosphere of doom, but triumphant guitars and ascending vocals make it clear that power is the name of the game. The final track features a foreboding melody that signals the conquest of an ominous force. Its title may state, “The Queen is Gone,” but you best stay kneeling because the queen only just arrived.

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