Material Support – Terror Prone Nation 

Monday 23rd, July 2018 / 22:32
By Emilie Charette

Aklasan Records  

Those looking for subtlety won’t find it on the latest release from Filipina-fronted NYC punk band, Material Support. Like their 2016 demo, Balikbayan Box, Terror Prone Nation is old-fashioned, in-your-face punk rock — a throwback to the genre’s angry and stripped-down roots. Every song on the album is unabashedly political, taking it’s cue from the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen.” Backed by aggressive, fast-paced drums and buzzy guitar riffs, the lead singer tackles topics such as U.S. foreign policy, police brutality, the War on Terror and the cycle of poverty with lyrics in both English and Tagalog. The subject matter might make some uncomfortable, but hey, that’s the point. When a band describes themselves as “agitated by state repression, government corruption, and patriarchy,” you know they’re not here to make friends. However, the last track on the album, “Solidarity,” is a call for people of all backgrounds to come together, with  the reminders that, “None of us stand alone/together we make this world our own.”

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