Mom Jeans – Puppy Love 

Monday 23rd, July 2018 / 20:12
By Gareth Jones

Counter Intuitive Records 

California’s Mom Jeans have quickly made a name for themselves following the release of their debut, Best Buds, in 2016. Originally released for a nice $4.20 on Bandcamp, word about Best Buds spread like wildfire across the internet — with a particularly polarizing result. Now signed to Counter Intuitive Records, the group is back with a tighter collection than their last. In many ways, Puppy Love feels like Best Buds: Part 2 — it’s got more sick riffs, more songs about smoking weed, more duets (this time courtesy of Just Friends’ Brianda Leon) and more trumpets. In a nutshell, Mom Jeans have tightened their sound while experimenting with new instrumentation and lyrical themes. Though Mom Jeans’ confessional lyrics are frequently self-deprecating, the sunny and upbeat instrumentation creates a stark contrast, making it difficult to feel too bummed with Puppy Love in the headphones. 

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