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Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

By Darrole Palmer   October 15, 2019 Pacific Coliseum   Tyler, the Creator has taken his alter ego, Igor, on the road and he’s making all the…

8 Vancouver Bass Artists to See at Shambhala Music Festival 2018

Wednesday 25th, July 2018 / 11:47
by Johnny Papan

Photo by Blake Jorgenson

Vancouver is known worldwide for a number of different reasons. The vibrant diversity, the cleanly-coated white mountains of Whistler that decorate our backyard, the natural greens that surround the cityscape. And don’t forget that tasty BC bud. But greenery is not all that grows within these British Columbian soils. Deep within our dance music scene is a plethora of Vancity artists with dreams of making the world a wonkier place. Vancouver is known for it’s love of the hard and heavy, and this year shows our bass community is well represented within the magical land that is Shambhala. Although there are surely far more than Here are eight homegrown Vancity bass-heads worth bending your minds to.

KHIVA | Amphitheatre | Saturday Night (Sun. Morning) 4:30am

Some would describe Khiva’s music as a “deep, dark dream.” The blackened sound of her meditative beats are a seductive audio sedative cut with doomsday vibrations. This up-and-comer has already done collaborations with big-time deep-dubstep artists and it’s no surprise she was chosen to do an official Shambhala Mix series this year. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open for Khiva’s dark waves.

GOOPSTEPPA | The Grove | Saturday Night (Sun. Morning) 4am-5am

Goopsteppa’s atmospheric sound is perfectly fit for the Shambhala environment, especially within the deep confines of the Grove stage. Stylistically classified as “gangsta ambience,” a genre seemingly derived from intergalactic sonic realms, Goopsteppa is exploring his own deep galaxies to bring us a chilled, outworldly sound.

TRIPZY LEARY | Amphitheatre | Sunday 6:30pm

The scientific grooves of Tripzy Leary well leave you feeling like an abducted alien-experiment. His bass-synths share the vibratal waves of a U.F.O. sighting beneath a glowing moon. Listen with caution, as after taking a listen to the space-like sounds of Tripzy Leary, the person you once were may never be seen again.

GREAZUS | Amphitheatre | Saturday 7pm

Get on your knees and praise Greazus. A shared vision between well established bass producers HxdB and Patrick Cure, Greazus fuses contrasting genres into a smooth-flowing halftime hybrid. It’s clear that Greazus is a duo that isn’t afraid to get a little bit weird, and that’s exactly the type of energy Shambhala stands for. Shambhala <3 Greazus, and Greazus <3 U.

KONKA | Amphitheatre | Sunday 5:30pm

Konka’s experimental approach sees him blasting a unique assortment of musical styles and mixings into his repertoire. From neuro-grimy wobbles to gnarly bass-crunches, prepare to be submerged into a universe of surreal-soundwaves. Check out his recently released brain-bending collab with Strange Thing below.

PERKULAT0R | The Village | Sunday Night 9-10pm

Perkulat0r has an eclectic portfolio. His transcending sound mixes futuristic beats with wavy, soulful melodies and oceanic-continuum bass-lines. An active member of the Vancity bass scene for several years, his resume shows an impressive list of original tunes, remixes, and collaborations. With his soul-surfing musical style, Perkulat0r is surely not one to miss.

SULLUST | Amphitheatre | Sunday 3pm

Sullust is a deep-dubstep voyager. His downtempo style incites imagination of psychedelic underwater exploration on extraterrestrial planets. Making his long-awaited Shambhala debut this year, he will undoubtedly look to make a strong statement during his daytime set.

LONGWALKSHORTDOCK | Amphitheatre | Thursday Night (Fri. Morning) 2am

Inspired by heavy metal, hard rock, and videogames, Longwalkshortdock takes pride in being a heroic, headbanging bass-freak. Lurking the scene for years, his stage presence is a sight to behold as he thrashes his entire body to the grungy tones within his mind-numbing tracks. If you’re looking to go buckwild during a set, Longwalkshortdock is the guy to see.


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