Baby Jey: Someday (soon) cowboys will head to the big city 

Friday 27th, July 2018 / 14:34
By Kennedy Pawluk 

Baby Jey’s debut album serves as its Edmonton swan song. 
Photo by Haley Pukanski

EDMONTON – In 2012, singer-songwriter Jeremy Witten began performing around Edmonton, becoming a regular performer at the now defunct Wunderbar. After establishing himself under the moniker Jey Witten, his studies pushed him south of the border to upstate New York.

It was during those formative years that Witten met and began jamming with bassist Dean Kheroufi, best known for his work in The Velveteins and his solo project Aladean Kheroufi. By 2016, Witten had completed his studies and decided to remain over the summer in the Big Apple where he conceptualized his new project Baby Jey. Upon returning home, Witten reconnected with Kheroufi and began writing. After releasing singles in the spring of 2017, Baby Jey is now unveiling their debut full-length record Someday Cowboy on September 17.

Recorded by Montreal based Edmonton expat Mitch Holtby (a.k.a. Mitchmatic), in Witten’s childhood home, Someday Cowboy is a light-hearted pop record at its core. Tonally the record shares a twang reminiscent of golden era country greats, while glimpses of soulful synth and keyboard work peak through.

“The sound we have is pop music. Like, we have drum samples and synths but it also has mandolin, steel guitar and dobro [a single-cone, wood-bodied guitar]. We know we’re playing on a country aesthetic, but we’re doing different things with it,” explains Witten.

Unfortunately for us in Alberta, Witten’s days here are numbered. The release of Someday Cowboy will be Baby Jey’s final hurrah as Alberta based musicians. Both Witten and Kheroufi plan on migrating back to their beloved New York City as Witten pursues his masters in history at The New School, a private university in Manhattan. Despite the move, Kheroufi and Witten plan on continuing Baby Jey as their follow up to Someday Cowboy is already written.   

Baby Jey will independently release Someday Cowboy on September 17. Lead single “Someday My Space Cowboy” will be released August 3. Baby Jey will perform on August 24 at the Kasbar (Edmonton)

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