Colour by Numbers Are Winnipeg’s Nerdiest Alt-Rock Band

Monday 30th, July 2018 / 11:14
By Sarah Mac 

…is currently working on a rock opera abut Thaddeus  
Photo by Michael Osikoya


CALGARY – Colour by Numbers, Winnipeg’s self-proclaimed “nerdiest alt-rock band” is heading to Alberta for their first official tour, dubbed Colouring Outside the Lines.  

The four-piece folk-rock band draws inspiration from folk, rock, and ‘90s alternative, resulting in a sound that’s often dreamy and moody, then pensive and jangly. Originating as collaboration between guitarist Jared Adams and bassist Alex Kozub, the guys enlisted the help of guitarist Jesse Millar when it came time to record their debut EP, Colour by Numbers. Shortly after, drummer Mike McDermid joined the group, solidifying the band. All four of them now contribute vocals.  

Their latest offering Among the Stars (August 2017) sees the band delivering catchy hooks and varied vocals across five tracks.   

“Our main focus right now is the tour and promoting our latest album,” offers Adams. 

“We’re really looking forward to spending time on the road. We went to a few small towns around Christmas that was our first taste of being on the road. That’s what sparked us to have a more legit tour.”  

We wondered what Colour by Numbers had in mind for the future.  

“We’re actually working on a rock opera, that’s our next plan,” says Adams. He chuckles and continues.  

“It’s about this character, Thaddeus. To give you some context, a while ago Alex [Kozub] wrote this song called Thaddeus, there’s a video recording of it up on our social media account. The rock opera is about Thaddeus, who is in the Winnipeg music scene and he’s trying to make it; but he doesn’t really try too hard and wants to be a star sorta thing. So, the rock opera is about his journey.”  

Adams continues, “That’s our next big project. The big picture idea is to do it as a fringe show and tour fringe festivals with it. And ideally, we’d like to release it next summer, but we don’t want to rush something like this.”



Colour by Numbers perform on August 1 at Mikey’s (Calgary), on August 2 at Verns (Calgary) and on August 3 at the Aviary (Edmonton)   


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