Lovers Touch: Dad rock is for everyone 

Wednesday 01st, August 2018 / 10:26
By Trevor Morelli 

I think you almost have to wear that kind of clothes if you’re going to play that sort of music. It goes hand in hand.”
Photo by Cole Breiland

CALGARY – Funk, disco, and soul come alive with Lovers Touch, a catchy retro-rock band based in Toronto. Derived from ‘70s bands like Bee Gees, Chic, and Kool & the Gang, the project aims to bring vintage grooves to the forefront complete with fashion faux paus like flared pants and checkered wool jackets.

“It’s definitely the vibe we go for, is the ’60s and ‘70s almost soft rock. We call it ‘dad rock’ because a lot of the influences are records that we used to listen to that were owned by our parents,” explains singer and guitarist Shane Hooper.

Originally from Salt Spring Island, B.C., Lovers Touch shifted its locale to the 416 two years ago in order to play shows more frequently. So far, it’s working.

“We lived in Victoria, B.C. for a little bit, and there are a couple venues there which are nice, but when you get to Toronto, instantly there are so many venues to play,” recalls Hooper.

“As a new band, it only took us a month to start getting shows here and we’ve been gigging ever since, getting a solid following and the community has been super warm to us. It’s been nice, it’s really fun.”

Lovers Touch is currently prepping their third EP How Does It Make You Feel?, due out soon. They’ve already dropped three out of four songs from the disc, “This Is An Arrangement,” “Dancing Like A Man,” and “I Need It,” the latter of which touches on the colorful experiments of the hair metal era.

“It almost takes us to the ‘80s, just a little ode to really cheesy, almost like “Jump” Van Halen, kind of synthesizers. We just wanted to kind of do a one-off and take a trip down that road,” explains Hooper.

“We’re excited to get some new songs in people’s ears,” he continues.

“We’ve got two EP’s already but they’ve been out for a while so we’re excited to release some new content.”

Rounded out by Dexter Nash (guitar), Noah O’Neil (bass), Andrew Taylor (drums), and Sam Lewis (keyboards), Lovers Touch completes the look with polyester shirts and mustaches.

“As far as what we wear, I think you almost have to wear that kind of clothes if you’re going to play that sort of music. It goes hand in hand. But it’s fun.”

“There will be a resurgence of dad rock. I should add dad and mom rock, because our moms listen to some cool music as well.”

Lovers Touch play August 8 at The Handsome Daughter (Winnipeg), August 9 at Black Cat Tavern (Saskatoon), August 10 at The Aviary (Edmonton), and August 11 at The Palomino (Calgary) 

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