Mt. Joy: True grit finds a fanbase 

Friday 03rd, August 2018 / 10:08
By Trevor Morelli 

CALGARY – Mt. Joy, the Los Angeles-based folk rock collective spearheaded by Pennsylvania native Matt Quinn, is exploding all over airwaves with a pair of catchy singles. “Astrovan” went viral on Spotify, raking up about three million streams immediately after it was released, to the band’s surprise. 

“We were just focused on making the best possible recording and we put it up there and see what happens with no real major expectations,” Quinn recalls. “So we did that and pretty much right away when we put it up on Spotify it went viral that month.” 

It’s a huge fan favorite live as well. “It’s hilariously goofy to hear the crowd sing back lyrics about Jesus driving an astrovan,” Quinn chuckles. 

Another single gaining steady airplay on traditional alternative rock radio stations is “Silver Lining,” with its imagery about peace, love, and freedom juxtaposed against lyrics referencing drinking, drug use, and what it means to live in today’s world. Quinn says the song is actually several years old but popped up again once the group was ready to record their debut album. 

“For me, it was really a song I wrote actually in college in 2012. The song is ultimately about laws. I mean, that period of time was a tough time for the hometown I’m from outside of Philadelphia. It just really started recognizing and falling victim to drug issues,” he explains, and then adds. “The song was about just finding the message within all of that and trying to find an answer to the questions that life was throwing at us at that point.” 

It’s a tune that many people are connecting with and it’s gaining Mt. Joy a whole new audience. Since dropping their self-titled debut this past March, the band has seen their live audiences grow steadily with many fans showing up already knowing all of the lyrics on the album. 

“The first show we played supporting the album was in March. I would say that was the first time for us. Since then, the crowd’s known the words,” Quinn comments. 

Mt. Joy plays Aug. 9 at Edmonton Folk Music Festival at Gallagher Park (Edmonton) and Aug. 13 at Commonwealth Bar & Stage (Calgary). 

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