CLUBLAND: August 2018

Tuesday 07th, August 2018 / 13:46
By Alan Ranta

Things are rough out there, and getting rougher every day, but you’ve got to take a little time for yourself every once in a while, just to maintain sanity. It’s only a selfish act if you don’t tip your servers.

Shipped Waterfront Festival
August 11 @ The Shipyards

Many solid acts on this amazingly free bill, including Washington-based downtempo electronica producer Manatee Commune, wh’s like a less serious version of Tycho, and Juno-nominated electro-pop duo HUMANS. It’s low commitment, high reward. Take a chance.

A Tribe Called Red
Aug 11 @ Jonathan Rogers Park

If you can’t get down with this Polaris-nominated powwow-stepping Tribe from the moment they hit the stage, I don’t know what to tell you, other than you’re missing out on a very important part of the Canadian national identity. Their catalogue should be taught in every school across the country.

Insane Clown Posse
Aug 16 @ Venue

It’ll cost you $45 to take in this spectacle, but even if you’re not much of a fan of their novel hip-hop stylings, it might be worth the price tag just to see the kind of people who show up. Few acts have a more dedicated fanbase than these long-running Detroit underground weirdos, and energy is contagious.

Aug 19 @ the Red Room

If you know Skinny Puppy, you have an idea of what to expect from ohGr, the electro-pop, hip-hop, and metal-tinged industrial side project of Kevin Ogilvie (a.k.a. Nivek Ogre) and Mark Walk. These guys just successfully crowdfunded the creation and release of their fifth studio album, TrickS, and the Red Room will be lucky to be left standing after they shake the foundation with it.


Aug 29 @ Fortune
Baltimore’s Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks dropped his second album as JPEGMAFIA early on in 2018. It’s called Veteran, and the title cannot be inferred as your typical baseless thug chest-pounding. Hendricks served his country in Iraq. He’s the real deal, an actual veteran who has seen some shit, which backs up his aggressive, experimental hip-hop style infinitely more solidly than all the bulletproof vests 50 Cent can order online from the safety of his mansion.

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