Deafheaven with Drab Majesty Live at The Imperial

Tuesday 14th, August 2018 / 12:13
Photos and Review by Darrole Palmer

The Imperial
August 11th, 2018

Drab Majesty

With the first gloomy, rainy day in Vancouver for the first time in weeks, the weather was perfect for a Deafheaven show. Touring in support of their new album, “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” the Californian band came to the Imperial to show that while being slightly more experimental, that they are still one of the tightest and most unique bands in heavy music. 

Opening up the show was Uniform and Drab Majesty. Uniform, was recently featured on the new season of Twin Peaks, and has recently added a drummer, Greg Fox. Using a mix of triggered drum samples and real drums, Uniform is heavy, weird and original. Blending elements of hardcore, industrial and noise, they would set the pace for the stacked show.

Drab Majesty

Drab Majesty, another duo, played next. Dressed in the same white leather jackets, black jeans, sunglasses and wig, the self proclaimed “tragic wave” band would have the whole crowd swaying for the duration of their set. If you like spooky gothic post punk, this is the band for you. Some of the audience even left after their set, which shows they have die hard fans in Vancouver.


As the lights went dark, Deafheaven stepped on the stage. This was when you could see what all the hipsters, metalheads, and goths came out for. Opening the set with “Honeycomb” off OCHL, Deafheaven showed how they have mastered their craft, blending melodic parts with crushingly heavy parts all while frontman, George Clarke is headbanging, growling and waving his arms like he’s composing the chaos. 

Deafheaven has become much more versatile with their new record OCHL adding in singing parts to Clarke’s signature growls. Coming out for an encore, they closed with the fan favorite “Dream House”.