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Godsmack Shows Their Scars in Sonic Evolution

Godsmack Shows Their Scars in Sonic Evolution

by Johnny Papan Who: GODSMACK Where: Abbotsford Centre When: April 26, 2019 Tickets: $79.50, When Godsmack first hit the…


Horoscopes: August 2018

Tuesday 21st, August 2018 / 16:43
By Willow Herzog


Photo by Mike Tan

Aries (March 21 – April 20) Transforming emotions and working towards your destiny with rigour and temperance. There is an integration into a faster moving time of greater details and transformative shifts. The changes that need to be made in your home and relationships close to you are being illuminated. Your career is stabilizing and your commitment to your dreams are being affirmed. You know you can do better and are choosing to do so. There is a sense of feeling stifled in certain relationships and situations; feel empowered to make the changes that you need to but take the time to get to know why you are feeling the way you do about them. Do they need to change or do you? The more you sit with the situations that are aggravating you and work through them framed with love, the more sustainable the future will be.   

Song suggestion for the month: “So Many Details”– Toro y Moi 


For Aries Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Two of Pentacles: Shared resources, may it be your time or your financial means and how this is being looked after within your foundational structure are being illustrated. There is a balancing act that is happening between what needs attention within your deeper internal sanctuary and what requires your attention in a practical way around you. You are becoming in touch with what you need to feel secure and grounded in your life. Refocus your energy in the right way as tensions may want to creep in and overwhelm. Staying present with each task as it comes and it will allow you to gracefully stay afloat as waters may get choppy. Release what you need to sweet Aries, its okay to put down what has become too draining or heavy.  


Taurus (April 21 – May 21) You have been working on your patterns, your self talk and the importance of your communication. It may feel increasingly important to talk to your family during this period, may it be your birth family or your chosen family of friends. You have let go of some necessary connections to cleanse your life and regenerate. You are in a place of redirecting so you may feel the power of connecting to situations that connect you to a larger purpose. Affirmations in your creative life and interpersonal relationships have been flowing in harmoniously, enjoy the smooth transits in this area. Be okay that some relationships aren’t clear to you yet, allow things to take a natural pace as dynamics shift and quicken. Respect yourself and liberate yourself as certain energies feel unsettled or challenging. There is a newness flowing into your life that carries an important charge for your future, put in the effort with intention and believe in your magic.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Reflections After Jane” –The Clientele  


For Taurus Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Six of Cups: stripped down to your roots you may be feeling more bare, and recovering parts of you that need to be brought back to life. You may be tapping into the energy of cherished friends and past lovers. There is a sense of leaving the past behind or reintegrating it so you can explore relationships in a transformative way. Connections are emotional and the intensity of how you have been building your life comes up for review. The foundation of your public role is becoming more powerful, make sure the roots your power structures are built upon are solid and conscious. This is a strong time to use your impact to serve the collective and ask for what you want on a personal heartfelt level. Remember you have the support to pursue the connections that you need and feel drawn to. There is a sense of abundance as your roots start to deepen in a nourishing way. A new path opens for you from the regeneration of past structures, enjoy the expansion and remember to connect with your inner needs.  


Gemini (May 22 – June 21) What is leaving and what is flowing in, especially when it comes to your finances and how you support yourself. It may not be the place you are interested to focus your attention but changing your relationship with money and abundance will create greater confidence and stability. This attention to detail in the realm of finances influences a welcomed shift in your personal power and feeling grounded. There may be a shift in what you are interested in doing for your career and with your work. Look at the meaning your work does or doesn’t bring to your life and how energy is moving through this part of your life. Do you need to reframe the ways in which you offer your talents and resources? Examine and edit the details of your life and enjoy the pleasure and deep fulfillment this will bring. Increase your joy through sensual experiences and expansive relationships. Pull into focus what creates fun and play.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Daibutsu”– Sunbeam Sound Machine 


For Gemini Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

The Empress: Romance, business, art and a new emerging vision for your life are all important this cycle. The Empress is ruled by Venus and encourages you to bring beautifying routines into your life. Review daily rituals and see if there are patterns that could be more nourishing. There will be an upset in daily routines so having the rituals that rejuvenate and bring about inner abundance will be important. New ideas and projects will be supported this cycle, bring forth the ideas you have been creatively incubating and release them. Reach into higher planes of existence through your relationship with nature and marvel in the energy of earth, sun, sky and water. Look for affirmations as you question which direction to travel, don’t be surprised if your direction changes and belief structures are released. Don’t stay too fixed to your long term plans, be open to some important and integral changes.  


Cancer (June 22 – July 23) You are surrounded by a number of people with power, influence and vision looking to collaborate or share experience. You are being asked to look at your inner worth and realign with the transformative energies that are escalating. Uranus is bringing about change and instability so get ready for some surprises. There could be some healing in the places you call home and with the people you call family. Be brave, speak from your heart and witness with who you feel most receptive and nourished. Be careful with your finances this cycle and set away some extra with what you bring in this month. There may be some new connections on your radar, or new ways of seeing certain connections, feel open to exploring these as you feel called and moved to. There has been a sense of feeling the call to hermit, make sure to balance this with the power of shared communication and creativity. Bring light and beauty into your life with all things Venus, carving out time for things that please the aesthetic senses and expand the heart.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Bennington” -John Maus 


For Cancer Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Ten of Wands: It’s been a little bit dark internally but there is so much light that surrounds you and radiates from you. The darkness has been a plunge into your depths so you can truly search and meet important layers of your energetic blueprint for deeper healing. There is a great focus on peeling back and back the layers of your inner world to expand back outwards, and you have been taking it seriously. There has been a great amount of effort going into your work and collaborations, keep going it will come back tenfold. Confirming experiences will be flowing your way this cycle. Look for these experiences in your work life, through connections within your community and when making use of your innovative abilities.  


Leo (July 24 – Aug. 23) You have been looking at your priorities and organizing your responsibilities. There is a sense of compassion paired with intellect as you sort through the affairs that surround and create your life. Some situations in your life are asking you to sort the facts, stay detached for self preservation and move forward. Be open to conversations that may feel emotional and do your best to stay objective and rational as tempers may flare. Shed the layers that no longer suit the structures of your life and allow new energetic imprints to strengthen. Sun is in your sign babe and there is a sense of expansion and vitality that accompanies it. Tap into envisioning the future and allow things to open in the realm of your career in a way that keeps a malleability present. Your career life is receiving new energy and you are the one who acts as the tool for that work. Be receptive to change, fun and expansion.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Past Lives”– DIIV 


For Leo Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Father of Swords: Your perceptions are sharpening and with that your vision is coming into greater focus. Many details behind the scenes are still shifting into focus but your ability to see behind the scenes a bit has strengthened. There could be a big shift in the way you have been focusing your vision and in some cases a total shift of direction or letting go of a part of a plan once laid out. You are trusting in your natural instincts to make choices most aligned with your unknown trajectory. Important relationships could be going through a transit that brings up greater truth for both sides, there may be tension that surfaces. As tension may surface deal with this carefully and lovingly. Look deeply at the full scope of the relationship dynamics and how they feel while being mindful of the details.  


Photo by Mike Tan

Virgo (Aug. 24 – Sept. 23) Enjoy the satisfaction of how you have worked hard to create stability and balance. There will be some new energies and opportunities to work with, so pay attention and leave space for who is around you that aligns with your mission. Look into the way you speak to yourself. How do you disconnect when you could be connecting? Take a honest check in with your self worth and ask yourself if you are loving yourself as deeply as you could be for your ultimate nourishment. Stay on top of the details as there are many people counting on you. Give yourself the space to nourish and relax amongst the intensity of your work routine. There is a mixture of smooth sailing and turbulence in your work life coming up so be ready to adapt and consider new ways of working. Tune into what brings you hope and beauty.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Zebra” – Beach House  


For Virgo Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Four of Wands: Home environment and good times will be highlighted this cycle. There could be some good news that comes to you and marks a time to celebrate or transition. There have been goals set and goals realized. There could be an important union that comes up for you at this time. Long term plans are being reviewed and investigation of new realities are emerging. Go deep into the places you need to and stay there to fully see and experience what you need to heal within your heart space. Your resources are building and this is a wise time to invest and set away some funds to funnel into your future wellbeing. Remember to take time for reflection and enjoy all the beauty that is brimming in many areas of your life right now.  


Libra (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23) Babe, there are some natural shifts happening that will activate some great changes. It’s a mix of initiation and putting yourself out there to make happen what you wish for in your career. Your professional life is transforming situations around you thanks to the power of Pluto. Pluto is power and its energies may be destructive; a rebirth may be happening with your work. Pluto is a planet that manifests quickly, so use the added energy to clear and move forward. Your networks are getting a rinse out, a magnification. It’s a time to enjoy the energy of lovers, social engagements, new relationships and to dissolve into the unknown. Who have you been connected to? Your supportive network is going through some changes, take time to check in with how your community is feeling. Shock waves of the summer will be riding strong into the Autumn, take time for honest reflection and check in with the truth of situations.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Old Heads” – Chad VanGaalen  


For Libra Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August  

Five of Swords: Be open to change as you will be tested with conflict. Conflict based on the past or collective healing. Show up for yourself as you navigate issues of sadness, this may be holding space for others or yourself. You are tapped into the collective energy of collaboration right now and there is a charge that comes with everything you do. Remember to stay grounded as strong energy is surrounding you right now. There may be some pieces changing and friends fading, just love as much as you can while maintaining your boundaries to regenerate. Tap into pleasure and innovation as a way to counterbalance some of the more challenging elements of this summer. Pick your battles wisely as sometimes it’s just not worth your energy. Some wounds may be reopened so be there for yourself to forgive and apply tenderness as a balm for your healing.  


Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22) You are an alchemist, have you been using your power of impact wisely? There is a journey of potency that has been brewing for awhile now and you continue to deepen into its layers. The potency is occuring in your career, close relationships and family life. Be clear with your intentions and boundaries as there is potential for things to get a little foggy. What forces are guiding you, check in with how you empower yourself and when you doubt the goodness of your reality. Some old emotional patterns may come up as you crave solidifying support within your closest connections. Tap into what brings harmony into your life and find positive creative outlets for sadness that may come up this cycle. There is a deep refreshing message about your healing as well as situations that test your self worth. Take time to love yourself deeper this cycle. Gratitude, grounding and good times will balance all the potency that infuses this passage of astrology.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Planet Caravan” – Black Sabbath  


For Scorpio Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Wheel of Fortune: Good karma, change and turning points are creating some new life cycles to work within. There is a greater stability that is taking place for you amongst many changes both subtle and substantial. Jupiter the planet of luck is associated with the Wheel of Fortune and with this the qualities of growth and success are with you. Security and safety are illuminated within your relationships, how to do you take an active hand in creating these structures for yourself? Give time to visualize and reinforce your intentions, you may be missing important pieces of information that you don’t have access to yet. This could mean it’s time to slow down any long term plans. Focusing on the present moment to moment experience will bring insight without overwhelm if you treat it optimistically. Great change is brewing and the more you take time to integrate it the further its reach into your energetic blueprint.  


Sagittarius (Nov. 23 – Dec. 21) Merging and learning, how do you share resources, ideas and finances? There is a deepening in your understanding of how you navigate your experiences around transactions between you and another. Sharing your trust in a way that keeps you safe but growing is something that is coming up for you. How much to share and with who while keeping an eye on malleable openness. How sustainable are you being with your resources and assets? You may need to look at finances a little more closely to make sure you are learning all the lessons you should be in this area. There could be travel plans that are coming up for you that will influence your long term plans and integrate valuable life lessons. Time seems to be warping in a way that is both fast and slow for you as you rethink your trajectory. What are you putting out into the world? There is a sense of being an agent of change, see what speaks to you and do the work for the collective. It is a charged time to communicate, publish and speak up. Life feels full of interactions and connection come August so take time to integrate relaxation into your schedule as you feel out the fullness of being active and social.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Said so What” – French Kicks  


For Sagittarius Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Seven of Pentacles: Alignment, the sweet feeling of work coming together and steps being taken to build your best possible future. There is a deepening of abundance both energetic and material. Make sure you are generous as you will have more to give than usual, remember generosity is a natural state that doesn’t always mean material. You have been working hard and it is paying off, keep going and treat yourself to little luxuries. Invest in your future vision as themes start to reveal themself and fill in the bigger picture. Connect and hook into the power that is transforming your finances and the way you work, this could be in subtle or big picture ways. Gather energy, talent and resources in a collaborative way that benefit all involved. There are messages you have to communicate, take time to filter them and feel them out before you share. They will have a directness and strength as you share them with awareness. 


Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 20) The balance of the solo trip and making time for aligned committed partnerships. It feels as if the need to validation outside oneself is lessening but the desire for true companionship is strengthening. The stage is being set to move the gears into motion towards a bigger plan for your life. You have gone into the depths of your being and are integrating the pieces back together to create a new picture. You are searching for partnership that allows you to be seen for the changing, intricate and loving being that you are. You are tapping into a reserve of power that will continue to gently accumulate, where is this power flowing and what are you applying it to? There is support with your public roles infused with the luck of Jupiter and beauty of Venus. What do you want to pursue with your flow state, get serious about it and believe in it. Pay close attention to your dreams as inspiration is flowing in the ether and looking to materialize in the physical.  

Song suggestion for the month: “The Trip” – Still Corners  


For Capricorn Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Temperance: With the influence of temperance is the energy of alignment. Take a look at how you keep your balance as forces shift and change. It is time to feel the connection of the relationships that bring positive influence and collaborations that allow you both to grow. You have power in your talents and don’t have to abide by old rules you have made for yourself. It is a time to stretch your boundaries and create new work that reclaims your relationship to yourself and your creativity. Temperance also applies to when you should rest and flow at a softer pace. It doesn’t have to be all fire on the path to your dreams, take time to drink in the cool water of a soft still psychic space, there is nourishment there.  


Aquarius (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19) The experiences are multi-layered this cycle, allowing a death of certain parts within yourself to dissolve and certain parts to intensify. There is rapid growth for you personally and the community you connect to. Look at how you connect to work projects and cultural movements with impact. You are aligned with the movers and shakers of social change, what waves are you looking to create with your momentum? Keep an eye on health this cycle and keep up foundational habits that are key to helping you feel your energetic best. Your workload is sizable and the energy it requires is strong. It is key to take space to decompress and tap into pleasure, feel the energy of the sun to recharge. There are some important relationships in your sphere of influence right now, enjoy the vitality created through multiple charged connections.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Are You With Me Now?”- Cate le Bon 


For Aquarius Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

Death: With death comes rebirth and new growth, this is a cycle of outgrowing and growing into. Take a look with fresh eyes at the micro reality that has shifted into your macro reality due to the accumulation of many choices, changes and turn of events. There may be a major phase of your life that is opening or has been opening for awhile. It’s okay to let the doors close that need to close as you walk with greater confidence into a more aligned future. It is a time to reconfigure, re-edit and visualize new possibilities. There may be parts of communication that have been under the foundation gathering heat. These communications are looking to become unearthed and spoken at this time to fully shift forward into healing. Embrace your growth oriented mindset.  


Pisces (Feb. 20 – Mar. 20) What are you moving forward with that brings greater alignment into your life. Do your actions line up with your dreams? Your creative life energy is increasing and transforming your reality in a number of life affirming ways. Move with your life in the ways it wants to move and shift, be open to meeting new people and connecting to new collaborations. Your work life is up for review of the details, getting paperwork in order, manifesting visions for the future and reorganizing your time structures. You may be asked to strengthen your professionalism in your work projects. Strong psychic messages could be coming to you, flashes of insight and conversations that allow you to reclaim your energy. Be open to the exchanges that feel natural and intuitive. You are connecting more and more to larger transformational structures and powerful groups of people. Find your place within the communities you make space for and allow yourself the time to flourish and realign. 

Song suggestion for the month: “Ding Dong Thing” – Felix Laband  


For Pisces Online: Tarot Card for your sign in August 

The Lovers: The love you have for yourself, the community and romantic potentials and partnerships all take a highlighted spot this cycle. Where does your love fracture and where does it flourish? Check in with how your heart feels within each situation. Are there certain people, places and energies that spark your imagination, follow those expansive alignments. There is a charge in your erotic energy and it can be very powerful when using it for creative work and utilizing it for transformation of the self. There is a sense of needing to make peace with old loves, lovers and burning away the hold outdated dynamics have on you. Allow yourself time for self love and give yourself the structures that nourish. Experience the euphoria of sensual pleasures and revel in the sensitivities of being open to receiving messages.