Bishop Briggs: Popstar not afraid to show scars 

Wednesday 05th, September 2018 / 16:57
By Trevor Morelli 

Pure intention. Bishop Briggs opens a new chapter. Photo by Jabari Jacobs

CALGARY – As cliché as it sounds, moving to musical hub Los Angeles was life changing for Bishop Briggs, who set up shop there after moving all the way from Hong Kong.

“I was lucky that my sister was actually going to college in Los Angeles, so I kind of told myself that no matter what happens, I could get in the car and drive for an hour to see her,” she recalls.

“I really, really had to put away any fears or any preconceived notions I had before coming to Los Angeles, because I was just so hungry and I kind of just did my best to be smart and basically be not jaded. If there’s any advice I could give to anyone it would be to do a little Google search, a background check, on anyone that you work with because, L.A. is a place that has so many incredible people, but it also has people that maybe don’t have the same pure intentions that you have in the pursuit of music.”

In April 2017, Briggs performed one of her biggest shows yet at Coachella, calling the experience “crazy” and “insane.” More recently, she believes the release of her latest single is one of her proudest accomplishments.

“Even just releasing ‘Baby,’ my new song, the other day was such a highlight because it really felt like a new chapter. It was a song that I had been playing only at a few of the shows just to see how people would react.”

Briggs’ latest album is called Church of Scars (Teleport Records / Island Records), titled to represent exactly how she feels about wearing her heart on her sleeve with every release.

“It’s actually a lyric from one of the tracks on the album called ‘Hallowed Ground,’” she explains.

“It felt like the perfect representation of how I felt every single time I went to the studio to record. It was about pouring salt on those wounds and basically watching them burn and seeing what could come out of it.”

Ready to put it all on the line, Briggs says she’s “very excited” to come to Canada where her heart – and scars – will be on display. Check out performances this week in Calgary and Edmonton. 

Bishop Briggs plays August 28 at Union Hall (Edmonton) and August 29 at The Palace Theatre (Calgary)

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