Checking In With Three Generations of Pot Smoking Parents

Friday 07th, September 2018 / 08:00
By Joey Lopez

VANCOUVER – As we inch closer to official legalization in October, parents across Canada are preparing themselves for “the talk.” Not, that talk, but one concerning our government legalizing Cannabis for recreational use where, like alcohol, it will be available to everyone over the age of 19. Naturally, these recreational smokers will have kids, so how will they bring up the subject of what was once so taboo to explain that it’s as a normal as Dad cracking a beer after a hard day’s work.

“I’ve been smoking pot since my late husband introduced it to me in 1969. Our first daughter was born four years later and our second the year after. We kept smoking and my husband even grew it in the basement, so it was always there.” says Rosie, long time pot smoker and grandmother of five. “Since it was always there we were naturally inclined to be open about it. The girls knew what we were doing. Back then, we didn’t have the information on what pot could do like we do now but we had an idea of the pros and cons and told our kids what we used it for — Relaxation and socially for fun at parties. Sit with some close friends and it leads to some interesting conversation.”

As someone who experienced Vancouver’s popular pot culture from the beginning, Rosie has seen the growth and change in how we react to cannabis in all its forms. Even her daughter Nic, who is a mother herself, has become more open about it over the years.

“Honestly, I was super uptight about it for a long time, even though it was around me my entire life. I never thought in my life I would allow my own daughter to smoke it and even less be aware that we smoke it ourselves. We wanted to keep it from her until she was old enough, but when she was diagnosed with depression in her early teens her doctor suggested weed as something to help her mood, so we realized being open with it would benefit all of us in the long run. She’s always been a rebellious kid and we figured we’d been more comfortable if she was smoking it around us rather than in some random park in the middle of the night.”

As for those new parents who’ve grown up in Vancouver’s incredibly open culture surrounding Cannabis as it was becoming the weed capital of the world have some ideas of their own.

“I’m just going to tell her,” laughs Ernesto, brand new father to a seven-month-year-old girl. “I don’t see why not and I feel like the more transparent I am the less likely she’ll be to go off and smoke it before she’s old enough.”