This Month in Metal: September 2018

Friday 07th, September 2018 / 12:48
By Sarah Kitteringham

Legendary death metallers Incantation plays on September 28 (Calgary) and September 29 (Edmonton)
Photo by Scott Kinkade

CALGARY – The month of September sees an influx of shows that the city has not experienced in years. Quite frankly, this is the best post-Noctis September Western Canada has likely ever seen. Tons to read about in this section (like features on Finnish death metallers Amorphis, Swedish goth rockers Tribulation, Winnipeg noise metallers KEN mode, and prog titans Coheed and Cambria), and tons more to tackle here. Let’s go!

Head to the Broadway Theatre on September 13 (Saskatoon) to be treated to the premiere of Slave to the Grind, the brand new full-length grindcore documentary spearheaded by Toronto based filmmaker Doug Brown. The film has been screening at select locations worldwide, and is a loving and oft hilarious look at the genre. After the gig, head to the Black Cat Tavern for a show featuring Edmonton’s Begrime Exemious alongside Saskatoon acts Goathammer, Wasted Heretics, and SPE.

Head to Dickens Pub on September 17 (Calgary) for a technical death metal showcase featuring German act Obscura. The band is hot on the heels of their fifth studio album Diluvium, released in July via Relapse Records. The fourth and final album in their concept series, it’s rounded out by Cosmogenesis (2009), Ominivium (2011), and AkrÛasis (2016). The band will be performing alongside Montreal act Beyond Creation and Vancouver’s own Archspire.

Calgary’s own Kataplexis will perform at Dickens Pub on September 21 (Calgary) alongside Hammerdrone, Detherous, and Cultist. Tickets are $10 at the door!

Slave to the Grind will be screening once more at the Starlite Room on September 22 (Edmonton). Tickets to the documentary are $10, if you stick around for the excellent gig they are $15. Toronto’s Truth of All Death, Calgary’s Kataplexis, and Edmonton’s Gorgos, as well as Demise, will be playing. Be sure to bring your own chair for the film viewing!

Legendary stoner rock band Mos Generator will be performing on September 24 (Calgary) at the Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club. The Washington based act has released seven studio albums and a myriad of splits and EPs, evoking Fu Manchu and Black Sabbath in their skate punk meets doom metal sound. They’ll be joined by Pelican Death Squad and Outlaws of Ravenhurst. Head to Stampers Pizza on September 25 (Winnipeg) to see the band again alongside November Underground and Starmapper.

Although we attempted to get legendary death metallers Incantation on the phone to chat about their upcoming tour, we unfortunately DID.NOT.HAVE.ENOUGH.SPACE in these pages to cover everything…. but you should still go see the show, because it’s going to be legendary! The band will be performing alongside Dying Fetus, Gatekeeper, and Genocide Pact at Dickens Pub on September 28 (Calgary) and at the Starlite Room on September 29 (Edmonton).

Round two of the ìdespite-our-best-efforts-to-get-them-on-the-phoneî speech… it was impossible to chat with Finnish prog/black/death hybrid Wintersun, who recently released the highly divisive album The Forest Seasons. Backed by a crowdfunding campaign of monumental size (which received an equally monumental and combative dollop of derision due to the included request for fans to pay for a goddamn sauna), the album is a bloated 54 minutes. No matter, they band is playing at the Gateway on September 29 (Calgary) alongside Australian blackened extreme metallers Ne Obliviscaris and guitarist Sarah Longfield. The same tour hits the Starlite Room on September 30 (Edmonton).

Early October has some wicked stoner offerings. Head to the Palomino Smokehouse on October 5 (Calgary) for Kyuss guitarist Brant Bjork, who will perform alongside Electric Owl and Gone Cosmic. The next evening, Earthless will perform alongside the Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show. Opening the proceedings is Heavy Trip.

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