Whigfield: Nineties sensation not limited to nostalgia

Friday 07th, September 2018 / 12:44
By Paul Rodgers


More than a nostalgia act, Whigfield reinvents as Sannie
Photo by Maurizio Montani

CALGARY – Danish singer, song writer and pop sensation Sannie Charlotte Carlson first burst into the public limelight in 1993 with the release of the international hit “Saturday Night,” under her alias Whigfield. The hypnotically catchy piano melody, infectious mid-nineties house rhythm and delightful music video launched the track into the stratosphere and Whigfield released several other hit tracks afterwards including “Another Day” and “Think of You.”

Growing up, Carlson was surrounded by the sounds of ABBA and Boney M., citing them as some early influences in her musical career. She says pretty much everyone in her family played one instrument or another, and she has been singing since she was a child.

“In our house there was always music playing on the radio or in the car so it was kinda hard not being influenced,” Carlson says. “During the 90s I listened to a bit of everything, from what was in the charts at that moment to jazz or classical music.”

In 1991 Carlson first travelled to Italy, where she still resides today, to pursue a career in fashion design, following years of study in Copenhagen and taking part in the Smirnoff Fashion Awards that same year. While living in Italy in 1993 she met a man named Larry Pignagnoli who would later become her producer. She says they clicked instantly and began working together almost straight away. 

Currently she is still releasing music, using her first name as her artistic handle — polished, upbeat, vocal house music that has been received with positive acclaim. Three of her singles, “How Long,” “In The Morning,” and 2018’s “Boys on Girls” have hit the top three on the UK charts.

“I’d say that Whigfield is more bubblegum pop and Sannie is more house and pop, but both projects are definitely filled with melody,” Carlson explains. “I enjoy doing both, I don’t feel any different doing the 90s tracks or doing my current music. I really just love the whole experience of performing and meeting the crowd.”

Her current tour with Aqua and Prozzak has been going exceptionally well. Numerous dates, including the Calgary show, sold out in under an hour. Carlson explains that she had been contacted a couple of times about taking part in the tour, and after sorting some things out with her own ongoing European tour, they managed to squeeze it in.

“I’m always happy if a tour sells out so quick, more so if you’ve got great artists like Aqua and Prozzak,” she says. “I think that people really enjoy the 90s vibe course it was such positive music with great melodies.”

Nostalgia is of course playing a huge roll in the selling of these tickets on the “Rewind Tour” as it’s called, but Carlson is more than simply a nostalgia act, and will treat the crowd to at least one of her new singles in addition to her classic back catalogue.


Catch Whigfield as part of the Rewind Tour on September 13 in Calgary at the Grey Eagle Event Centre and September 14 in Enoch, AB. at the River Cree Resort and Casino.

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