Beakerhead Local Music Lab: Where institution, artist, and audience intersect

Friday 14th, September 2018 / 10:00
By Isaac Szeto

Take us to your LEDer!
Photo by Keiver Tremblay

CALGARY – Eager Beakerhead attendees will have the opportunity to witness a musical experiment rarely attempted and never to be duplicated this September at the Beakerhead Local Music Lab, a veritable hydra-headed polymath of Calgary’s music scene. Made up of (at last count) no less than 16 local musicians, including members of Windigo, The Ashley Hundred, 36? and solo acts Laura Hickli and Mikaela Cochrane, this super group has plenty of familiar faces. In performance, the band will utilize material sourced from their own projects as well as covers they have conceived together, in a variety of groupings, as their sets and songs dictate.

“I’m excited to have other people play on these tracks and get to play on other people’s songs…[and] to hear the someone else play the songs that you wrote,” says Tory Rosso of the psych-pop outfit Windigo.

Key to this well-orchestrated concert will be an audience-interactive component, including trigger pads and an array of effects that the audience themselves will be allowed to operate. The objective is to encourage the crowd to interface directly with the music as it is performed live. This methodology reflects Beakerhead’s community-driven tenets, which according to laboratory coordinator Keiver Tremblay, are “to make science more accessible.”

Shiny buttons and responsive effects are just a couple of the ways Local Music Lab plans on destabilizing the polarity field between audience and performer. Members of the Lab have been brainstorming other ways to break down that invisible barrier. Participants Mitchell Cooper of Windigo and Justin Van Groningen of 36? both hint that there will be further audio and visual components to the work, including additional “mixing boards and LEDs!”

It will surely be an audiovisual smorgasbord, dreamy and thunderous.


The Beakerhead Local Music Lab will occur on September 21 at the Beakerbar in Fort Calgary (Calgary)

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