S.K. Wellington Returns on fire

Friday 14th, September 2018 / 12:28
By  Andrew  Bardsley

CALGARY – After serving in The  Wellington Folk since its formation in 2011, vocalist/guitarist Sarah Kemmers decided to step out on her own with the band’s recent breakup in the wake ofline-up changes and the demands  of live performance. “We went through five people in eight years,” notes Kemmers. “Our shows had been getting more popular and more complex, and when someone left it was harder and harder to replace them.”

Although Kemmers views the Wellington Folk as behind her,  much of the band still plays in her new project, simply called S.K. Wellington. Going solo wasn’t the only decision she was confronted with however, giving up performing all together loomed overhead as well. During a three-month hiatus from Wellington Folk, Kemmers did some soul-searching.

“I went to Salt Spring Island with the intention on figuring out, ‘Do I even want to keep doing this, this hustle and trying to get shows and the whole hustle of being an independent artist?’  I went to explore to see if I wanted to even do it. Luckily, I came back more on fire than ever.”

Reborn on her West Coast excursion, Kemmers returned to Calgary focusing on a substantially different sound that mixes trad folk with the contemporary vibe of indie rock. A new EP, Where The  Earth Meets The Sea, is ready to be revealed which Kemmers is anxious for. “I am really nervous about how the new music will be received. I know how The Wellington Folk was received, but this is different enough that there are a lot of question marks on it and that’s exciting but also kind of scary.”

S.K. Wellington’s EP release show is at the Ironwood Stage and Grill on September 20th 



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