#OCCUPYSILICONVALLEY Rallies for Connection in the Face of Digital Dependency

Saturday 15th, September 2018 / 07:00

VANCOUVER – On September 17, the masses gather for a digital occupation to disrupt Big Tech.
We jam the behemoth corporations that have a stranglehold on our attention, our time, our mental health, and our thoughts: Alphabet (Google), Apple, Facebook, Amazon. These are the megalithic companies who monetize our likes and clicks, and feed us endless algorithms that exacerbate our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities, and our addiction to the instant gratification that they provide. They claim to connect us, yet a crisis of loneliness pervades our culture like never before.

This is a call for everyone – activists, social media addicts, celebrities, hackers, friends, family, radicals, artists, business people – to take a stand for their rights and freedoms, in whatever way works for them. This could mean leaving your phone at home for the day, avoiding social media for 24 hours, or deleting Facebook and Instagram altogether. Maybe you meme the crap out the social media outlets and the Internet. Change your profile picture to #OSV. Put a dent in Google’s traffic (No Search Day) and boycott Bezos (put a lull in the Amazon income). Whatever makes Silicon Valley do a double take.

Let’s flip the power balance. Let’s make the Internet ours again.

Let’s see if we can shake loose the grip that Big Tech has on our minds, if only for a day, to feel the power the people are capable of and, at the very least, help us rethink the way social media affects our lives.

#OCCUPYSILICONVALLEY takes place on September 17. Learn more at abillionpeople.org.