Thursday 20th, September 2018 / 14:16
by Johnny Papan

Bound By Fire by Zimmer’s Hole is the first release by the recently relaunched SCRAPE Records, who transitioned from a beloved metal-based music store to a full-on record label late last year. This reissue fully repackages the album with fresh artwork, and a well crafted CD booklet that features liner notes from the band as well as Devin Townsend, who produced the album in 1997. 21 years later, with the dawn of online streaming media, artists and labels have been putting noticeably less effort in their physical packaging. SCRAPE Records, however, hopes to reinvigorate the physical album experience, and their efforts did not go unnoticed with this three-panel, full colour CD-digipak, the label’s debut release.

Musically, Zimmer’s Hole are a well-curated mixture of comedic, brutally heavy, and outlandishly weird. The first track, “Follow,” opens with chirping birds, ominous chants, and a car crash that leads into demonic dialects before the song finally blast-beats into your soundsystem. It’s a destructive tune with a catchy chorus that utilizes choir-esque vocals.

“Pork Rind Toes” is a terrifying offering, that mixes heavy sections with a horror-movie downtempo lullaby. The brutality continues with tracks like “P.B.C.,” “Hell Comes to Breakfast,” and the under-minute trio of “Rent A Cop,” “Bred” and “This is Metal.” The onslaught of heavy metal riffage and oddball skits continue all the way to the end of the record.

Overall, the packaging alone, alongside the support for our local music scene, is reason enough to pick up a physical copy of Bound By Fire. Not to mention the wretched tunes, and comedic relief. SCRAPE has penned a deal to reissue Zimmer’s Hole’s entire discography, as well as their forthcoming record, which will surely be something to behold.