Beyond the Black – Heart of a Hurricane 

Friday 21st, September 2018 / 09:22
By Patrick Saulnier 

Napalm Records 

On the hunt for some catchy, epic symphonic power metal? This record has the perfect vibe for  road trip with no real rush to get to the destination. Heart of a Hurricane is a stack of deep tunes drizzled with heart that you can drift along with, singing in the car as you go.  

The album reaches its greatest heights on both its title track and on the anthem “Hysteria,” striking in true epic form, with powerful choruses and addictive rhythms that get you rocking along. That being said, prepare for plenty of ‘pop-ish’ ballads. But don’t consider it a drawback, as Haben has a beautiful voice to build around with genuine power and depth, nailing the floating melodies. Although there were times I did long for the energy to amp-up the gritty a notch, Beyond the Black follows through on its symphonic intentions. The keyboards are complementary rather than overdone and the guitar tones are thick, creating a polished sound that’s radio ready.

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