Conan – Existential Void Guardian 

Friday 21st, September 2018 / 10:25
By Matty Hume 

Napalm Records 

Although you probably never actually asked for it, the Liverpool-based Conan have an unparalleled ability to transport you into a world filled to the brim with violence, dread, magic and destruction. And whether you’re searching for grimdark slice of fantasy media or thrive off of the raw power of a meaty, drop-tuned whole note, Existential Void Guardian deserves to be your poison of choice.  

Since Conan long-ago earned their armour as living legends of metal, their latest mix of studio tracks and live cuts is simply the trio doing what they do best — creating masterfully perfected and precise doom metal that sets a soundscape so crushing and menacing that  proves the existence of evil by virtue of a haunting gravity. “Eye to Eye to Eye” stands out as a display of every tool at Conan’s disposal, starting as a driving, lethargic riff with clear drums and scratching strings that bursts into a battle-cry and slow melody. In theory the compositions are often simple, nonetheless they sound darkly complex due to the Conan’s meticulous precision. The live tracks include a more audible use of effects pedals, giving them a pumped-up psychedelic feel against the darkness of the studio tracks. Drenched in distortion and always foreboding, Existential Void Guardian will give you more power than the Castle of Greyskull.

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