Exploded View – Obey 

Friday 21st, September 2018 / 20:30
By Patrick Saulnier 

Sacred Bones Records  

The Mexican/UK trio returns for a sophomore LP that further explores the “far out” reaches of experimental and atmospheric Krautrock. Layers of folk-ish instrumentation and soundscapes create the ominously sinister vibes of a psychedelic dream sequence. And like a cherry on top, leading you along the journey are hypnotic, lullaby-esque vocals reminiscent of a female Neil Young. “Dark Stains” has an almost chilling retro video game feel followed by “Gone Tomorrow,” which skips along in sorrow about lost loves and regrets. The title track has an droning and traditional eastern-folk feel, with sounds of ocean waves below the lyrics, “Do what you’re told and you’ll get out alive,” spiralling in and out of your mind. “Raven Raven” transports you to a smokey apocalyptic lounge where you’re sipping nuka-cola cocktails. you enter a land of both of shadow and substance.

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