Fountain – Acid Bath from the Jaded Jungle 

Saturday 22nd, September 2018 / 07:35
By Brittany Rudyck 


Achieving some kind of an altered state is recommended before slipping into Acid Bath from the Jaded Jungle, the third full-length from Montreal’s quirky post-punk crew, Fountain. There’s an overtly sleek quality to the 12-track LP, dismantled in moments on songs like “Crack Up,” with off-kilter funky guitars and hollowed out chants from vocalist Evan Jeffery. Acid Bath upholds the kooky sci-fi vibe the quartet has worked to achieve through their earlier work, but has slightly toned-down some of the fun from previous efforts like Fountain 2, with more diminished guitars and mastering that is discernibly more polished. Recorded at Office Space in Seattle, the album offers hints of refinement without losing the feeling that it was conceptualized in a surely dank basement. Frenetic and slightly sideways, Acid Bath from the Jaded Jungle is an uncomplicated listen, ripe with the weirdness one would expect from an art-punk band from Montreal.

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