Grave Digger – The Living Dead 

Saturday 22nd, September 2018 / 08:38
By Patrick Saulnier 

Napalm Records  

Once more, these German giants bring forth an offering to the Metal Gods! Once more, they will be pleased! Their 20th studio release, The Living Dead marks 40 years as a group. Longtime fans will be treated to a sound reminiscent of ‘90s albums like Knights of the Cross, while new audiences will get an A+ lesson in traditional heavy metal. The 10 tracks make for a very balanced listen. There’s points of fist pumping rock, moments of up-tempo cruising, anthem sing-alongs all over the place and times where they put the pedal down and slide into nothing short of the most epic power metal gear. The head-banging vibes never cease longer than a moment. Tracks like “When Death Passes By” and “What War Left Behind” simply slay. “Zombie Dance” is guitarist Axel Ritt’s choice cut — the polka-style cut boats guest feature Russkaja and shows the band still has a few surprises up its sleeve. Hail!

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