Mirah – Understanding 

Sunday 23rd, September 2018 / 09:56
By Emilie Charette 

Absolute Magnitude Recordings 

Understanding is an ambitious goal in a society that feels increasingly disconnected, despite, or perhaps because of, advances in technology and a constant barrage of information.  

On her sixth solo album, Mirah attempts to deepen her understanding of others and inspire listeners to do the same. She also isn’t afraid to keep taking the kind of musical risks that have characterized her previous work. From the sounds of synthesizers to fuzzy reverb to out-of-the-box vocal layering, each track showcases her ability to play with sound in interesting and unconventional ways. Some tracks, like “Ordinary Day,” have a dreamy, relaxed feel — both underscored and contrasted by synthetic beats and electronic influences. “Information,” examines the state of the U.S. under the current administration, while “Love Jetty” is a carefree summer anthem. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter masterfully displays her lyricism on subjects both prosaic and sentimental.

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