Onkel Tom – Bier Ernst 

Monday 24th, September 2018 / 08:34
By Patrick Saulnier 

Season of Mist 

Let’s face it, not many things scream “Let’s Party!” more than German drinking ditties, right? Bier Ernst is simply an hour and 15 minutes of fun. 21 tracks about chugging beer, drinking Jack and playing rock ‘n’ roll. As Onkel Tom (long time Sodom vocalist) himself puts it, “Celebrating life and sophisticated drinking.” The double-disc offering includes eight fresh, original numbers accompanied by a selection of rocked-up party classics the band is known for performing live. The flow is smooth as can be — one moment you’re chanting, “Beer! Beer!” and the next you’re bobbing to “Was Sin.” Although the new stock draws from content that’s a bit more serious, the record doesn’t stray from the funtime vibes for long. Even the bluesy track “Zwische” will have you craving a swig in its own somber way. This one’s for anyone who has a soft spot for punk, folk, ska and rock ‘n’ roll singalongs. It’s not reinventing any wheels, it’s just out to have a good time! Mach es hoch!

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