Wild Nothing – Indigo 

Monday 24th, September 2018 / 21:54
By Logan Peters 

Captured Tracks 

Do you ever feel like putting on a pair of bright red track shorts and kicking back in a pair of white Nikes? No? Well, maybe you’re starring in your own ‘80s style music video where you’re skipping rope in slow motion — getting all sweaty while looking longingly at your cutie crush waiting at the bus stop across the street. This is what comes to mind listening to Wild Nothing’s newest, Indigo. The song “Dollhouse” made me stop and reflect on what the album taught me so far, and afterwards, the track “Canyon on Fire” dragged me back down to Earth. While the tracks naturally make for an easy listen with the perfect mixture of groove and trance, the album itself has just the right amount of angst to keep listeners coming back. Indigo is a stellar recording with a lot of mysterious qualities. With a second listen all the way through you beign to grasp its depth, so smash that repeat button!

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