The Woolen Men – Post 

Tuesday 25th, September 2018 / 08:56
By Emilie Charette 

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The latest album from Portland indie-punks The Woolen Men, Post, has a complicated concept for such a straightforward album. “Brick Horizon” kicks it all off with simple, energetic drumbeats and a thrumming bass riff reminiscent of ‘80s new wave. It has an upbeat sound for a song that’s nevertheless filled with the feeling of searching for some sort of meaning in a world that’s lost it. A few songs in, “The Movie Goer” tones things down a little with a simple, folky guitar intro, leading into a ballad with references to Greek mythology while “What Do You Want Me To Be” explores themes of identity over steady bass and nostalgic guitar. Overall, the album is packed with solid indie songs to softly please the ear. However, it does beg the question: In a “post-everything” world, what’s left?

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