Horoscopes: October 2018

Monday 01st, October 2018 / 11:04
By Willow Herzog  

Photo by Mike Tan


Aries (March 21 – April 20) Determination and direction are important themes this cycle. October is about purposefulness and staying motivated. How are you treating yourself as you pursue your higher dreams? Stay connected, receptive and concentrated as you continue to integrate a growth-oriented mindset. You have been clearing space in your reality for expansiveness, allow yourself to flow into this expanded state you have created. Tend to the nest that is your home space so you may have a realm to nourish and restore during a busy energy time. May your vitality and tenacity for the future glow with power of purpose, sweet Aries.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Suzanne”– Leonard Cohen   


Taurus (April 21 – May 21) Moving forward with fire against all odds, this cycle is a regenerative one for you, Taurus. There is a growth-oriented drive that must be fed in the most nourishing ways. Extend your compassion so that it may send ripples into the layers of your experience and others with whom you alchemize. Stay open to transmissions from unexpected sources and consider the long term as you go with the flow. Indecision and doubt may come up as you embark on new ventures, be confident as you journey towards your dreams. Trust gravitational pull and synchronicity as these new doors open. Allow the sun to shine from you, radiant Taurus.  

Song suggestion for the month: “An Intention” –Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith  


Gemini (May 22 – June 21) Hearts break and hearts beat, are you taking care of your heart and surrounding yourself with the right relationships that heal and inspire? Community is important, but so is stepping away from it to sink into essential alone time. There is a sense of stimulation that comes from always being surrounded. Check in with the levels of energetic reserve to make sure you hold space for personal creation. Your patience may be tested this cycle and relationship dynamics clarified. It will become clear to you the importance certain relationships hold. Magical Gemini, honour the transformative ways in which your relationships change and appreciate the differences.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Got To Let Go”– Charlotte Gainsbourg and Connan Mockasin  


Cancer (June 22 – July 23) Are you facing what you need to face to integrate deeper layers of your healing? Your heart is a multifaceted diamond that requires polishing so all its surfaces may shine with the brightness you are so capable of. Have you been drawn into some energy loopholes that seem to hold nothing for you? Feel free to walk away from them and into greater expansiveness. Put yourself first when it comes to your care and love, not in a way that is selfish but in a way that aids in self-preservation. Honour commitments, there will be many so be choosey as you make your agreements. This month holds many mirrors of self-reflection, perceptive Cancer. Allow yourself to see and heal through them.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Dawn in Luxor” – Shabazz Palaces



Leo (July 24 – Aug. 23) You have big dreams and big plans to match. As the royalty of the Zodiac, you have an enticing leadership quality, one that can be channeled many ways. Choose carefully how you channel it. Be purposeful with what you take on, as it can be an energetically draining month psychologically. Taking time to make time, so you can allow yourself spaciousness to process with be a helpful place of reprieve. Use your visionary abilities to hone in on how and when to use your energy. This cycle sends you deeper into the unfolding mystery that is your life, be courageous yet gentle as you enter uncharted waters, expansive Leo.  

Song suggestion for the month: “One Spring Evening”– Charlotte Ercoli 


Virgo (Aug. 24 – Sept. 23) You have been laboring to sort the details, put in the work and make it all happen. Have you been creating the time you need for yourself to feel truly nourished? As we enter Libra season balancing and rebalancing becomes increasingly important. There may be some projects in the works that require reediting, reworking and re-envisioning. Give yourself the time you need to see these projects through fresh perceptions. Encourage yourself and allow others to encourage you as you create innovative structures. You are meant to co-conspire and feel the support from others, capable Virgo. Open yourself to the agency of collaboration.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Golden Cage” – Nilüfer Yanya 


Libra (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23) Beautiful Libra, this will be a supported cycle for you if you use your power of discernment. Take a look at connecting to what foundations are important as you create your life. Spend time in glamor and artistry as you work with spontaneous and planned creativity.  Conscious honesty is important; don’t be afraid to bring up the truth you feel with love. This cycle there is a strong desire to express, look at the quality and form of your expression. Use your words to carve out clarity and unpack meaningful interactions. Take time to appreciate the loveliness of each day. Stay patient as the many parts of your reality shift and take form.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Hedonism” – The Underground Youth   


Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22) Love angel Scorpio, as you continue to unpack layers of the heart, allow old sensations and outdated ways of being to drop. Flow with greater consciousness into the private spaces that ask for your love. Not everything has to be figured out, not everything has to be healed. Do your best to understand your healing as nonlinear and your mystery is ever unfolding. Elements of what may feel like prior lives come up to be confronted. Allow what must leave to leave, and work with what stays. Time to slip into quiet retreat is recommended. 

Song suggestion for the month: “Angel of the night” – John Maus  


Sagittarius (Nov. 23 – Dec. 21) Stand with confidence in your choices and see them through with the power of your will and intention. You have the gift of effectiveness and influence on your side, work with these gifts of purpose for the greater collective. You know the rhyme and reason to your choices and sometimes that is enough. Feel free to stand outside the judgmental eye that may be cast your way and work with the reality you have created. Check in with yourself, your direction, your vision and your skills. Is your energy being spent in the optimal ways? If it isn’t, can you let that part of your reality go? Or, is the lesson at hand beneficial? Time for big projects and dedicated practice, creative Sagittarius.  

Song suggestion for the month: “Love is to die” – Warpaint   


Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 20) The learning is constant, sweet Capricorn. Take time to integrate your lessons and keep them alive inside you. You have had some powerful energy shifts within your structures and with that the choice to change your reality accordingly. It is powerful for you to tap into the energy of universal love and creation and with it you can channel enchantment. Finishing meaningful projects will create a level of catharsis. Stay accountable to yourself and show up for your healing. If something seems like an escape question if this is beneficial or back peddling. Work with thoughtfulness and allow your beauty to fill each moment.  

Song suggestion for the month: “On+Off” – Maggie Rogers   


Aquarius (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19) Your reality is brimming, inspired Aquarius, as you connect, create and exchange with high frequency. Your social life and work schedule is heating up. But, really, when is it ever not on fire these days? You are being seen with increasing frequency in a public way and it may be time to look at how you package your public persona. Privacy is important to you and so is the time spent with those close to you. Continue to make time for these areas of your reality as time warps in a way that seems to speed everything up tenfold. Show up for your responsibilities in a way that is effective yet joyful and you will feel the rewards of this hardworking cycle. 

Song suggestion for the month: “Moon Dude”- Jessica Pratt 


Pisces (Feb. 20 – Mar. 20) Finances and work life take centre stage this cycle as you look at how you have been directing your energy. Is your work life aligned with your finances? Your pockets could be feeling a little thread bare, but the gratitude in other areas of your life are rich and flowing. Continue to put power towards what you love and allows you to come alive in a real and inspired way. Be open to opportunities that expand your skillset and challenge you in important ways. Join forces with the movers and shakers, those who share your vision and feel the power of the third mind. You have orphic potential, fascinating Pisces. Remember to invest in yourself.   

Song suggestion for the month: “Deadly Valentine” -Charlotte Gainsbourg 

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