Wolf Parade: Strangers in a CanCon land 

Friday 05th, October 2018 / 12:36
By Andrew Bardsley 

Wolf Parade… igniting the fire and not burning out.
Photo by Shane McCauley

CALGARY – When Wolf Parade went on hiatus in 2011, many feared that the Quebec-based indie rock band was done for good. Known for their high energy and compelling vocals, the band figured it was time for some much-needed soul searching which included exploring different genres in a diverse range of new projects. After a hiatus of five-plus years, the band began talking about reuniting in 2017.  Testing the waters through a number of small shows in New York and Los Angeles seemed to be the right way to ignite their comeback.  

“We were apprehensive on who would be interested in us anymore,” admits lead guitarist Dan Boeckner. 

But the shows lit a fuse and galvanized the band into recording their fourth album, Cry Cry Cry (2017) released last October.  

“This fourth album was easy to write for,” continues Boeckner. “We all have a way of writing for the band. Wolf Parade has always been easy to write for.”  

The initial hiatus was primarily caused by constant touring and fear of burn out. “We didn’t want to be a band where people look at us and think, ‘None of these people want to be here.’ We were not there yet, but, had we done another tour, we probably would have.” Fortunately, the pause helped Wolf Parade avoid what Boeckner calls either “a fist fight in Berlin or a nervous breakdown.”  

Wolf Parade
Photo by Shane McCauley

Once fans had a chance to hear Cry Cry CryBoeckner and that band were taken aback by the success of the new record. “What was wild was that we were arguably more successful in Europe and the United States than ever, however Canada was always different. I think in Canada we were always perceived as an American cult indie rock band.”  

Boeckner also credits the rebirth of Wolf Parade to their relationship with iconic Seattle label Sub Pop. “I think we never saw much success with the Toronto-based cabal of CanCon because we always went with Sub Pop.”   Revitalized and riding high, nce the tour cycle for Cry Cry Cry is done, Boeckner and bandmates – vocalist/keyboardist Spencer Krug, drummer Arlen Thompson, and bassist Dante DeCaro – will come home to start work on a new album. 


Wolf Parade plays October 10 at The Garrick Centre (Winnipeg), October 11 at Capitol Music Club (Saskatoon), October 12 at The Starlite Room (Edmonton), October 13 at Commonwealth Bar and Stage (Calgary), October 14 at Bo’s Bar and Grill (Red Deer), October 16 at Spiritbar at The Hume Hotel (Nelson), October 19 at Waverly Hotel (Cumberland), and October 20 at Queens (Nanaimo). 

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