T. Buckley: Calgary country rocker redefines his sound

Tuesday 09th, October 2018 / 22:02
By Mike Dunn

Photo by Sebastian Buzzalino

CALGARY – T. Buckley’s been an integral part of the roots music scene in Alberta for nearly a decade now, and upon embarking on a new record, Miles We Put Behind, decided to take steps to freshen his approach, as much for his own growth as an artist as for the opportunity to make a creative shift.

“When we’re around the house, having dinner, doing whatever, we’ll play a lot fo Sam Cooke, Jackson Browne, stuff like that,” says Buckley, “So a lot of that style probably seeped in there subconsciously. When I was out in Montreal for a singer-songwriter residency, I had the opportunity to demo some songs with Howard Bilerman, and as I moved away from what we were doing with the T. Buckley Trio, the soul feel just felt like a natural way to write.”

Photo by Sebastian Buzzalino

Miles We Put Behind sees Buckley tie a vibe together featuring the aforementioned soul feel, akin to Van Morrison’s pre-Astral Weeks era, along with lush, fingerpicked folk ballads, and the freeway paced country rock he’s long been known for.

The trip to Montreal to make the record had an trepidatious air for Buckley, as the doubts so common for artists made themselves at home in the weeks leading up to his departure. “It was pretty daunting to begin with,” says Buckley. “Leading up to it, I had a few ups and downs. I kept questioning myself, whether I was making the right choice, what if it didn’t fly, or feel right? When I got there though, it almost immediately exceeded all of the good expectations I’d had for it. Everyone I worked with were really good people, an easy hang, and it just worked. Howard put the right people around me, really great musicians with cool ideas, the experience was really gratifying and enjoyable.”


T. Buckley releases Miles We Put Behind at Festival Hall in Calgary on October 19th and The Almanac in Edmonton October 20th. More tour details can be found at www.tbuckley.ca

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