FLEURS Tea Plays The Waiting Game With Legalization Around The Corner

Wednesday 10th, October 2018 / 07:00
By Joey Lopez

VANCOUVER – Tee Krispel, founder of FLEURS Tea, is stuck playing the waiting game as uncertainty keeps small business owners in the clouds, regardless of it being “high times” for the cannabis industry. In recent years, the medical benefits of cannabis have been the launch pad of legalization around the world. Canada’s perspective switch from the war on drugs, to the realization of medicinal, industrial and economic benefits has rendered great positivity for the industry. Cannabis has finally had the chance to expand in an array of forms, including CBD, holistic herbs and tea. Enter FLEURS Tea.

“I used the ‘WOKE’ blend throughout college to help with studying. I lose focus really easily and it completely helped me with retention and focus,” says Krispil about her yerba maté and medicinal herb infused tea product that is designed to give you a healthy boost of energy. “It was then that I started incorporating herbs into my daily regime. The power of herbs is wild and I want to help bridge the gap between herbalism and cannabis.” Krispil started FLEURS as a passion project on 4/20 of 2017, unknowing what it would become. Using a Point Grey dispensary known as The Wealth Shop as a testing platform for the product, FLEURS started off slowly as customers grew a liking to its enticing branding and packaging. A few months later, Krispil found her passion had blown up into a full-fledged business and FLEURS was suddenly in demand. “I took a look a look at the saturation and noticed where the gap in the market was. Thankfully that gap also aligned with my passion for alternative healing. There was nothing like what I wanted to build in terms of CBD products. I couldn’t find anything else that incorporated the healing benefits of herbs,” says Krispil.

With legalization right around the corner, FLEURS Tea and other products like it will become accessible to those who need it. However, the obstacles of creating such a product remain fierce. “I’m happy people will have access to their medicine. That’s one positive of legalization. It will become more widely accepted and will be considered a part of modern medicine. The market is up in the air and I’m just playing the waiting game, but legalization will make it more difficult for small businesses like mine. We’ll be competing against big corporations with lots of money and resources. I like to think it’ll roll out like alcohol. There’s Budweiser or Corona and then there’s your local brewery. We will be your local brewery of CBD products.”

Check out FLEURS Tea and everything they have to offer at www.fleurstea.com