Jesse and the Dandelions

Thursday 11th, October 2018 / 11:27

CALGARY – Having dove headlong into the style of pop and psychedelia on his first two album’s Edmonton’s Jesse Northey was more than happy to dial back the arrangements on his latest, Give Up The Gold.

“I think I tried to rein it in a lot this time,” says Northey, “I felt like I might have overdone it on True Blue, it was a little heavy on the layers. This time we tried to think of what really makes a good song, and what’s essential for the arrangement. We still played with a lot of different sounds, but we really wanted to focus on what makes a song good within my tastes and not overdo it.”

There are notes of Warren Zevon and Harry Nilsson running through Give Up The Gold, that dapper while disheveled feel of 70’s AM radio pop singer-songwriters, tuned in with the sonic experimentation that Northey has made a signature of his sound. “I’m a huge fan of Yellow, where Jeff Lynne is just playing on a Wurlitzer,” says Northey, “And then this huge orchestra comes in and it’s really fun to experiment with harmony and arrangements like that, to create this dynamic lift in the music.”

Edmonton veteran producer and engineer Nik Kozub brought fresh ears to Northey and The Dandelions’ sound, allowing Northey to concentrate more on playing, rather than wearing so many hats as he had on his previous records. “I think Nik really helped with the restraint, with allowing the songs to be themselves, and he’s such a rhythmic guy, so he helped make sure the beats would drive.”

Jesse And The Dandelions head through Alberta from October 18th-20th, in Edmonton at The Buckingham (18th)m Calgary at The King Eddy (19th) and Lethbridge at The Owl Acoustic Lounge (20th).

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