Process – Structural Fatigue

Tuesday 16th, October 2018 / 08:06
By Heath Fenton

From the get go it’s all hands on deck.  All five members of Process explode into your ear dwellings at once on the opening title track. From there, this album can best be described as relentless. The songs are short, pleasantly brutal, and they come at you like a headbutt to the face.

Structural Fatigue dances all over the aspects of extreme metal. Tippy toeing with thrash, death, groove, weirdo, and hardcore, most often within the same song. Bucking bull riffs, shredding solos and drumming tight as a tugged on noose, vocalist Jim Huhn keeps this album on its toes with his vocal stylings and gives Process a unique edge of their own.

Huhn is a caged beast of many animals and the rest of the band has the keys to set him free, then they all proceed to go on a rampage that is documented with Structural Fatigue.  Songs “Light Blood Breathe,” “Licorice Eater,” and “Icon” are bright spots on this gleaming slab of a record.  They even include a flawless Napalm Death cover for good measure. This is exciting stuff.  Structural Fatigue stands tall and does not disappoint.  A must have for any extreme metal aficionado.


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