Mandroid: Maximum riffage

Thursday 18th, October 2018 / 15:39
By Kennedy Pawluk

Photo by Aaron Kurmey

CALGARY – Mandroid is Edmonton’s newest power two-piece rock outfit. The band is made up of guitarist Jordo Lemoine and drummer Riley Quinlan, both of which played together in Edmonton based stoner rock band, The Mothercraft, who recently went on an indefinite hiatus. “When The Mothercraft decided to take a break, Riley and I would jam for fun – him on the drums and myself on guitar. I use a pretty big selection of pedals, so, I would mess around with strange tones and sounds, and when paired with Riley’s unique drumming and intense grooves, we very quickly wrote songs that were really fun to play.” Describes singer and guitarist Jordo Lemoine.

The boys launched the band in early September with the release of their debut single The Cage. The track takes many elements from the groups former band The Mothercraft that helped build their reputation across Edmonton as a go to heavy band for those looking for maximum riffage. The driving drum style of Quinan’s drum beats pushes the track through, while Lemoine’s exuberant guitar work immediately drags the listener in. The tracks guitar work, while very busy, is absolutely appropriate for what the two shoot for and once the vocals set in, the track grabs the listener by the throat and ceases to let up until its bombastic finale.

Lyrically The Cage and Mandroid’s upcoming single Temple Electriques reminisce on a trip the two took to Montreal to take in Heavy Montreal, a two day festival that showcases heavy music of all types. “It’s like two guys came off a five-day bender and tried to write what they could remember.” Explains Quinan.

Following the release of their upcoming single Temple Electriques Mandroid hope to keep on writing with the hopes of releasing an EP in the coming new year. In the meantime, the boys are currently working on a music video with Edmonton film maker Aaron Kurmey of Rambunxious Entertainment that they hope to release by years end!