Nicholas Krgovich Is Ready To Feel Human Again After Heartbreak

Friday 19th, October 2018 / 07:00
By Mia Glanz

Photo by Bryan Lanterman

Nicholas Krgovich is one of the most mellow dudes you could meet. So mellow in fact, that he managed to escape all the troublesome relationship experiences like heartbreak and breaking the hearts of others until now, bitten at the age of thirty five. Maybe because for the last couple decades he was too busy releasing albums with his friends, and partying at the Sugar Refinery to fall in love. So when this late bloomer finally had his heart broken he did what he knows to do best, he made an album. It “plopped” out of him, that easy. It’s called “OUCH”.

OUCH has a honeyed, dream-pop surface, but the lyrics are twisted. The harmony in the sound contrasts with the copious swears, tears and delusions, the latter in lines like “decisions might be made that don’t include you” off Rosemary. Like they care now, right?

“If the tone of the lyrics matched the music it would be nearly impossible to listen to,” says Krgovich. As it is, the album is hypnotic, more sparse than some of his past work, brimming with lovely piano, guitar and the occasional hand clap, inspired musically by “classic staples of teenage listening years, like dreamy indie rock.”

The production of the album was in itself a dream, despite the occasional tearful gin-fueled breakdown. For Krgovich, it involved “doing and not thinking.” The songs were “written in my head at my day job”, everything was made at home and then “if there was something I didn’t know how to do I would just call a friend and they would drop by”, since all Krgovich’s friends happen to live in walking distance of his place. A process quick and heartening like “a pure bolt of inspiration” had never really happened in all his years of song-making. For him things tend to “simmer” in studious practice, rather than explode.
“As a human, now knowing that I can open my heart and fall in love, have it broken and survive, it’s a great thing to know.” More than survive, he plopped an album out!

OUCH will be released October 26.