Concert Review: Third Eye Blind Deliver A Semi Charmed Revival

Monday 22nd, October 2018 / 19:13
By David Cutting

Photo by Ellen Rose

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
October 19, 2018

Its 2018 and the ’90s are knocking so hard at the door that we can’t help but open it up and see what’s behind. That was certainly the vibe at the Third Eye Blind concert at the Hard Rock Casino. I found myself pressed against the stage with a row of Third Eye Blind fans from all over. There was a couple on my left who were from Chicago and a couple to my right who were from Seattle. It became obvious why they had traveled for the show when frontman Stephan Jenkins informed a rowdy crowd that they weren’t touring at the moment, that they were in fact in the middle of writing a record when they flew out to Vancouver for this one-off show.

Jenkins is a master of making his crowd hang on every word, playing more than seven songs before he even addressed the audience, only to launch into a set that he lovingly called “Stephan gets to do whatever he wants” where a taunting audience screamed song titles for him to play for us. He expertly wove his way through the gnarly “Slow Motion” moving into a song he shared was the bands only number one hit in India, proclaiming “Ok, here is my big fat Indian hit!” launching into an effervescent and emotional “Deep Inside of you.”

The band came back on stage and closed up the show with “Semi Charmed Life,” their number one from the nineties, and it was with this song they declared the night complete. The band knows that their strength and relevancy rely on their nostalgic factor, while also appeasing the fans who follow them faithfully. We are lucky to still have storytellers like Jenkins still making music.