Dual Nature: Using music as a means to define emotions

Tuesday 23rd, October 2018 / 10:30
By Kennedy Pawluk

Photo by Giselle Boehm

CALGARY – Having been pals for years, Dual Nature had officially formed in 2014 after singer Dezi DeHaan finally pushed through and embraced his ability as a singer.

“I did it one time maybe in 2013, I’d sang a couple songs with them but I was super self conscious and I was just like ‘I can’t do this.’ I didn’t try again for about a year, then by the end of 2014 we started regularly meeting.” Reminisces DeHaan.

It wasn’t too long before Dual Nature began building their catalogue of music, playing the occasional house show and hopping on any stage that would have them. By early 2017, Dual Nature quietly released their debut EP Beast which opened the door for a slew of new opportunities including opening for California’s Meatbodies, Newfoundland’s Incredible Woman and finding their home base and community within the music scene at Edmonton’s Sewing Machine Factory.

Now Dual Nature has just released their follow up to 2017’s Beast with A Desperate Plea. Consisting of five tracks, A Desperate Plea evolves Dual Nature’s sound to a more concise and consistent racket. Dual Nature blends garage psych influences with driving punk rhythms, while DeHaans vocals stout a theatrical post punk definition.

DeHaans lyrics throughout the EP take a larger role on A Desperate Plea. They are deeply personal for DeHaan and describe a period of personal turmoil and inner anxiety for DeHaan. A Desperate Plea helped define these emotions for DeHaan and learn to be open with these feelings.

“I tend to be more open about my emotions because I think that’s something valuable in me and valuable in other people, especially when men don’t often know how to express them… It’s helped me own that part of my personality. It’s a really normal part of a lot of people’s experience. I’m pretty sure nearly one third of people deal depression, supposedly. So, I guess it’s part of my attempt in my personal life and through the band to say like ‘it’s kool, you can talk about this stuff,’ to try and normalize this stuff.”

A Desperate Plea is now out digitally and on cassette through Double Lunch Records.

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